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Eric Searcy emsearcy at osuosl.org
Thu Nov 15 23:05:44 UTC 2007

On Nov 14, 2007, at 5:12 PM, Lance Albertson wrote:

> Question for Eric: Mike Morgan was wondering if there was any way he  
> can
> import the history from their subversion repository into ours in some
> fashion. Do you know if thats possible?

Mike, don't you use CVS at MoFo?  (Which anyhow can easily be  
converted to an SVN repo with cvs2svn.)

Lance, if you're referring to merging their history which our history  
(whether before or after we started v2), it's complicated.  There  
isn't support for it ... but it is *possible* by creating dumps of the  
SVN repos, hacking them up, and then loading them piecemeal with  
svnadmin into different parentdirs, with various commits between the  
svnadmin commands to create cheap copies first in the new parentdirs.   
I'd probably try just for the challenge ...

That said, I suppose SVN for new development is a requirement because  
of Trac?  Git would allow us to much more elegantly merge in all three  
histories (pre-fork, OSL v2, and MoFo continuation of v1), because it  
actually supports this.

Oh, and there is somewhat-functional git support for Trac: http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/GitPlugin 
.  And since git doesn't have the same `repo must live here'  
restriction (all nodes have full history), we could serve the public  
repo off of git.osuosl.org.  Or, disable Trac's code browser entirely  
and run git-web off git.o.o.

I'm not saying we should switch to git just because it makes merging  
history more manageable ... obviously if the developers are more  
comfortable with SVN that's important.  Also, git opens up a whole new  
can of worms as to whether or not to run it in a distributed fashion  
(each developer has their own public repo that others can pull from,  
with an extra public node which gets updated from the devs' publics  
repos) or in a centralized fashion (each developer pushes to the  
public repo).

Eric Searcy
OSU Open Source Lab

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