[darcs-devel] symlink suport

Ian Duggan ian at ianduggan.net
Fri Apr 14 16:34:17 PDT 2006


I've been following darcs for awhile and have recently started using it. I was 
wondering if the lack of symlink support is a philosophical thing, or if it 
just hasn't been added yet.

Subversion has this note on their site, maybe this approach would work for 
darcs? I don't know how one would use properties in darcs, or how this would 
play with the patch merging stuff. Comments?

Subversion 1.1 (and later) has the ability to put a symlink under version 
control, via the usual svn add command.

Details: the Subversion repository has no internal concept of a symlink. It 
stores a "versioned symlink" as an ordinary file with an 'svn:special' 
property attached. The svn client (on unix) sees the property and translates 
the file into a symlink in the working copy. Win32 has no symlinks, so a 
win32 client won't do any such translation: the object appears as a normal 


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