[darcs-devel] Any answers for IsiSetup's concerns?

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Wed Dec 12 17:29:06 UTC 2007

On Dec 12, 2007, at 9:14 AM, David Roundy wrote:

>> Do you think that this is analogous to two different repositories
>> containing source code having different requirements for the source
>> code?
> I don't think so, I think that having darcs manage permissions would
> be like having it manage file ownership.  We could do that, but file
> ownership is meaningless on most other computers.  Similarly the
> meaning of "g" and "o" are different on each computer, since the group
> is different, and the set of users with access to the computer are
> different.

So, concretely, suppose that there were a darcs patch type for  
changing permissions, and suppose that a patch of that type could  
express something like "make this file unreadable by people that  
aren't the owner".  Actually, let's back up and ask "What kinds of  
changes to permissions do people need?".  The IsiSetup folks, for  
example want to manage certain kinds of permissions on files, and  
apparently git+cogito gives them the ability to do this to their  
satisfaction.  I would like to know what exactly they need to do.

I'm not convinced that it is a priori impossible for darcs to do as  
well as git or SVN or other tools do.

I know that I personally often want darcs to stop unsetting the "x"  
bit.  We could imagine a "permission settings" patch type and patches  
which say "set executable" and "set not-executable".  I know you've  
already said that this would make sense.  I had thought, until your  
recent message, that progress on this front, as well as on the  
symlink front, was waiting for darcs-2 patch theory to be sorted out.



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