[darcs-devel] announcing darcs 2.0.0pre1, the first prerelease for darcs 2

Peter Lund firefly at vax64.dk
Tue Dec 18 06:28:59 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 21:42 -0800, Stefan O'Rear wrote:

> > Neon is GPL and is used as the basis for HTTP support in gnome-vfs and
> > Nautilus, the file manager in Gnome. It supports WebDAV, TLS, cookies,
> > connection keep-alive, and transfer compression.  I think it only needs
> > its arms twisted a little bit to also support pipelining.
> Connection keep-alive and pipelining are (mostly) the same thing.

Err... yes?

Your point being?


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