[darcs-devel] [darcs-users] Merging darcs-devel and darcs-users into a single mailing list

Eric Kow eric.kow at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 08:29:28 UTC 2008

>  This isn't a large sample to draw on, but unless I missed someone, it looks like about 5 or 6 to 1 or 2. If there are any lurkers with opinions, speaking up would be good.

I'm more against than for.  Maybe one way to get the same effect is to
use the darcs-devel list for tracker messages, patches and the such
(messages like 'pushed, thanks!).  Any discussions should be held on
darcs-users.  For example, if a patch sparks a discussion, it should
be held or cc'd on darcs-users.

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