[darcs-devel] [issue1509] docs: mention darcs move's post-facto support.

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Tue Aug 4 01:25:59 UTC 2009

New submission from twb1 <twb at cybersource.com.au>:

It seems that if instead of

    darcs move a b

you do

    mv a b       # whoops!
    darcs mv a b

The "post-facto" darcs mv will DWIM[0].  This isn't clear from
move_description, which should change.

[0] There is one exception: a post-facto "darcs move a b/" where b/
    has not been added to the repository.  While dealing with this
    ticket, check that the error message in this case is helpful, and
    if not, file another bug report.

assignedto: twb
messages: 8003
nosy: dmitry.kurochkin, kowey, simon, thorkilnaur, twb, twb1
status: unread
title: docs: mention darcs move's post-facto support.

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