[darcs-devel] [issue1522] Trailing slash borkage.

Trent W. Buck bugs at darcs.net
Sat Aug 15 08:55:31 UTC 2009

New submission from Trent W. Buck <trentbuck at gmail.com>:

On Unix systems, directories are files, but files aren't directories.
If you want to match a directory "x" but not a non-directory "x", you
can add a trailing slash:

    $ touch f
    $ mkdir d
    $ file d/ f/
    d/: directory
    f/: ERROR: cannot open `f/' (Not a directory)

I happened to notice that such trailing slashes confuse Darcs 2.3.
This problem doesn't affect Darcs 2.0.

    $ darcs init --repo R
    $ touch R/d
    $ darcs record --repo R -lam Yow! d/
    Recording changes in "d/":

    darcs failed:  Error creating file ./d/d
    $ darcs record --repo R -lam Yow! d
    Recording changes in "d":

    Finished recording patch 'Yow!'

messages: 8149
nosy: dmitry.kurochkin, kowey, simon, thorkilnaur, twb
status: unread
title: Trailing slash borkage.

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