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Sat Aug 15 20:35:18 UTC 2009

New submission from JohnMark de Mello <demellj at mcmaster.ca>:

Tested with Darcs 2.3.0 (release) running on Windows (7)

I've have been trying out the following setup: a remote repository accessible
through a webserver, with a _darcs/prefs/post file containing the URL of an
HTTP CGI hook.

If I `get` the repository locally, preform some changes and execute a `send`
(without any other arguments), then darcs claims to be post a patch to the
appropriate URL (as written in the remote's _darcs/prefs/post file). However,
the reality is that it does not really do anything. Additionally it
claims to have
 "Successfully sent patch bundle to: ." Whatever does that mean?

If I `send` with an explict `--to=http://..` (the very same URL in the remote's
_darcs/prefs/post file) it works fine. This time darcs prints "Success 200"
along with any output from the CGI hook.

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nosy: demellj, dmitry.kurochkin, kowey, simon, thorkilnaur
status: unread

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