[darcs-devel] [issue1551] only use 'file content did not change' prompt for darcs send

Eric Kow bugs at darcs.net
Sat Aug 22 16:36:01 UTC 2009

New submission from Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net>:

I consider this a UI regression from our issue1186 fix.

If I record patches and edit the long comment without actually making any
changes (this happens a lot), I get this prompt
  "File content did not change. Continue anyway?"

This irritates me and wastes my time in two ways:
1. it breaks my train of thought so that I can think about the answer to the
2. I often hit 'n' when I really mean 'y' and have to start all over again

Now this is useful for darcs send --edit-description because there you don't
really get a good way to abort the send, but it just drives me up the wall when
I'm doing darcs record and amend-record.

PS. I know that I tend to be a broken record about this, but Donald Norman's
/The Design of Everyday Things/ explains why it's usually better to have an
'undo' feature than a confirmation dialogue.  People like me just tend to make
the confirmation dialogue 'go away' (hit n, click Cancel or Yes) only to regret
it later.  I think it's applicable here.  You can always amend
--edit-long-comment if you have to.

messages: 8358
nosy: dmitry.kurochkin, jaredj, kowey, simon, thorkilnaur
priority: feature
status: need-implementation
title: only use 'file content did not change' prompt for darcs send
topic: ProbablyEasy, Regression, Target-2.4, UI

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