[darcs-devel] [issue887] wish: darcs replace --interactive

Eric Kow bugs at darcs.net
Sun Aug 23 00:34:05 UTC 2009

Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> added the comment:

OK, I think I see in my mind's eye what Zooko and wife are requesting.  For each
instance of a token, you want a prompt with 'shall I replace this instance?'

I'll invoke the keep-it-simple principle here again and recommend we not attempt

I think if we did have this feature, people may be 'surprised' to see their 'no'
answers being saved as weird hunk patches going from new back to old.

As for Florent's idea, perhaps http://wiki.darcs.net/Library would be good.

status: unknown -> wont-fix

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