[darcs-devel] [issue1553] small example darcs repo

Eric Kow bugs at darcs.net
Sun Aug 23 10:33:26 UTC 2009

New submission from Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net>:

This is inspired by Trent's msg8361

I'm marking this ProbablyEasy, but it actually needs some thinking.

I want to see a very small teaching repository that lets us show off the kinds
of things darcs does well (undo, cherry picking, powerful matching interface,
darcs send, dependency forcing [eg. can't unpull p2 without p1], etc).

We could then put it up at http://darcs.net/example

Ian's camp video would be a good start: http://projects.haskell.org/camp/unique

Ashley Moran may have things to say here.

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nosy: ashleymoran, dmitry.kurochkin, jaredj, kowey, simon, thorkilnaur, twb
priority: feature
status: need-implementation
title: small example darcs repo
topic: Community, ProbablyEasy

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