[darcs-devel] [issue864] darcs replace in already moved file

Eric Kow bugs at darcs.net
Wed Aug 26 17:37:20 UTC 2009

Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> added the comment:

Unless I'm mistaken, this was resolved by the patch:

Sun Oct  5 00:57:19 BST 2008  Tommy Pettersson <ptp at lysator.liu.se>
  * resolve issue864: check non-force replace against pending
  The replace was checked against pure pristine, so the answer to if it could
  be applied to pending without force was sometimes wrong.

I guess our roundup-darcs integration must have been offline at the time

I confirm that the regression test passes.

assignedto: tommy -> 
status: in-progress -> resolved
topic:  -Darcs2Semantics, IncludesExampleOrTest, Regression

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