[darcs-devel] [issue1587] Unable to Ctrl-Break Darcs on Windows

Edward Kmett bugs at darcs.net
Sat Aug 29 21:06:12 UTC 2009

New submission from Edward Kmett <ekmett at gmail.com>:

When using darcs on windows, I create a dos shell.

Then when I go to run some operation, say, a push to a non-responsive server, 
darcs sits and spins indefinitely. However, I cannot seem to hit ctrl-c to break 
out of this loop, so the only option left to me is to close the window and lose 
where I am, leak the _lock file, lose my history, etc.

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nosy: darcs-devel, dmitry.kurochkin, edwardk, eivuokko, jaredj, kirby, kowey, wglozer
priority: bug
status: unknown
title: Unable to Ctrl-Break Darcs on Windows
topic: Windows

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