[darcs-devel] [issue2337] cabal install fails with: "setup: Most RTS options are disabled. Link with -rtsopts to enable them."

Mark Stosberg bugs at darcs.net
Thu Aug 15 01:45:37 UTC 2013

Mark Stosberg <mark at summersault.com> added the comment:

The root cause was that I had added "GHCRTS=-K100M" to my .bashrc, 
because I need it for some darcs invocations, and it harmless to the 
rest of the darcs invocations. 

Next time I went to run "cabal install", "cabal" responded to this 
environment variable with this error message:

"setup: Most RTS options are disabled. Link with -rtsopts to enable 

cabal should have either:

1. Explicitly unset or ignored the environment variable if it doesn't 
need it.


2. Noted that it was exiting because of this environment variable, and 
that unsetting the environment variable was another possible solution 
besides relinking. (And it's still not clear what it was suggesting that 
I relink, or how). 

This invocation works for me, by explicitly unsetting the variable for 
this call:

GHCRTS= cabal -frts -ftest --with-ghc=/home/mark/ghc/bin/ghc install 

resolvedin:  -> 2.10.0 HEAD
status: unknown -> wont-fix

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