[darcs-devel] [patch2134] assorted mostly trivial cleanups

Ben Franksen ben.franksen at online.de
Sun Dec 27 09:22:20 UTC 2020

>>   * issue a debugMessage when catchall catches an exception
> Good idea.

This was incredibly helpful to understand how the cache functions work,
since they use catchall a lot.

>>   * tests/network/sshlib: use a dir local to our test dir as REMOTE_DIR
>>   This avoids filling up /tmp and improves repeatability.
> OK, so this is safe because the ssh test always connects to
> $(whoami)@localhost?

Not sure I understand the question. Why would it be safer or less safe
to move the "remote" directory somewhere else?

> It might be worth a comment on REMOTE_DIR that it
> is really a local path, just being accessed via ssh.

Note that we do the same for http i.e. start a webserver on the local
machine and then access (local) repos via http. I guess nowadays this is
what everyone does. I find it less obvious that we also have tests that
connect to actual remote machines on the internet ;-)

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