[darcs-devel] [patch2043] improve help texts and how they are generated

Ben Franksen bugs at darcs.net
Mon Jul 20 08:42:09 UTC 2020

Ben Franksen <ben.franksen at online.de> added the comment:

>>   * fix help for naked super command
> OK (though I couldn't quite make out from the code what is actually
> changing)

The difference is subtle. 'darcs help optimize' no longer says

Usage: darcs optimize [OPTION]...


Usage: darcs optimize SUBCOMMAND [OPTION]...

Also, the help text for the standard command options (--help, --disable,
--list-options) is no longer displayed. This is debatable. On the one
hand these options are accepted for a naked supercommand so not listing
them is a factual ommission. On the other hand, these standard options
are boring and distract the reader from the more interesting conceptual
explanations that follow. I can easily put them back if you think they
should be listed.

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