[darcs-devel] Failing Windows tests

Ben Franksen ben.franksen at online.de
Thu Jul 23 10:56:02 UTC 2020

Am 22.07.20 um 20:19 schrieb Ganesh Sittampalam:
> On 22/07/2020 17:44, Ben Franksen wrote:
>> can you send me the full output of running all the shell tests you can
>> currently run on Windows, but only for darcs-3 format? I'd like to see
>> what exactly the failures are, but want to avoid wading through all the
>> duplicates.
>> My suspicion is that perhaps some of the encoding tests really are a bit
>> too demanding and simply cannot be made to work on Windows.
> I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for - in general the shell
> tests work on Windows (otherwise I'd be reporting failures), though
> current screened has two failures, probably related to the recent
> encoding patch, that I hadn't got round to reporting yet - see below. On
> reviewed all "passing" tests either pass or are skipped.

Okay. There are unresolved issues, though. For instance
http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2591 is still open. Perhaps we gave up at
some point and skipped these tests on Windows?

> In general I am not sure that it's impossible to handle encoding
> properly on Windows, but the setup is quite different to Unix so it's
> hard to do it portably.

Some of the test scripts go to great lengths to create repos with file
names that are not encodable within the current locale, switch
locale/encoding between different operations on the same repo etc. I
imagine this to be difficult on Windows. Doesn't NTFS store them
internally in UTF-16?

But I may be wrong about that.

> convert-import-export-non-ascii (Darcs3) (PatienceDiff): [Failed]
> |
> | git --version || exit 200 # no git installed => skip test
> | + git --version
> |
> | rm -rf gitrepo gitrepo2 darcsrepo
> | + rm -rf gitrepo gitrepo2 darcsrepo
> | tar xf $TESTDATA/gitrepo.tar.gz
> | + tar xf /home/ganesh/darcs/screened/tests/data/gitrepo.tar.gz
> | gitrepo/src/x\n: Can't create
> '\\\\?\\C:\\Users\\Ganesh\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\tmpCFA1\\gitrepo\\src\\x\n'
> | tar.exe: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

My fault. I did not think at all about Windows when I wrote this test
and (see above) tried hard to create a git repo with file names that
contain crazy characters, e.g. the above fails because the file name
containes a newline. This cannot work on Windows as such file names are
not allowed, period. Will try to fix. Or perhaps skip this particular
test on Windows.

> issue2648_darcs_convert_import_double_encodes_cyrillic (Darcs3)
> (PatienceDiff): [Failed]
> |
> | # Import stream into Darcs repo
> | cat $TESTDATA/cyrillic_import_stream | darcs convert import R
> | + cat /home/ganesh/darcs/screened/tests/data/cyrillic_import_stream
> | + darcs convert import R
> |
> | cd R
> | + cd R
> |
> | # Test patch name
> | darcs log | grep 'Южноэфиопский грач увёл мышь за хобот на съезд ящериц'
> | + darcs log
> | + grep 'Южноэфиопский грач увёл мышь за хобот на съезд ящериц'

Why this fails is unclear to me.

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