[darcs-devel] [patch2024] bump shelly version to to avoid ... (and 4 more)

Ganesh Sittampalam bugs at darcs.net
Mon Jul 27 08:16:09 UTC 2020

Ganesh Sittampalam <ganesh at earth.li> added the comment:

>> Thanks, I think the new one looks nice. (Slight nitpick would be whether
>> we can fairly claim that darcs is "unique" in being change-based, given
>> pijul, but I think it's reasonable enough.)
> This is a valid point. (If this were an abstract to a longer text I
> would add a footnote here.)
> Do you have an idea how to reformulate this so it does not make that
> claim but is equally concise?

It could use the word "special" or "different" instead of "unique", but
neither is perfect. A longer statement would be "different from most
revision control systems".

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