[darcs-devel] [patch2072] add CHANGELOG entry for 2.16

Ganesh Sittampalam bugs at darcs.net
Thu Jul 30 10:56:58 UTC 2020

Ganesh Sittampalam <ganesh at earth.li> added the comment:

On 29/07/2020 22:49, Ben Franksen wrote:

>   * add CHANGELOG entry for 2.16
>   This should cover every user-visible change, based on the patch descriptions
>   in the difference between branch-2.14 and reviewed as of today.

> +    largely based on the pioneering work of Ian Lynnagh for 'camp'.

Spelling mistake - should be "Lynagh"

> This means
> +    that if you started a rebase with darcs < 2.16, then you cannot use
> +    darcs-2.16 with that repo; the only exception is the new 'darcs rebase
> +    upgrade' command that upgrades the suspended patches to the new format.

I think this is phrased in a slightly confusing way as it first implies
you can't do anything and then corrects that. How about something like
this? :

"This means that if you have a rebase in progress started with darcs <
2.16, you will first need to use the new 'darcs rebase upgrade' command
to upgrade the suspended patches to the new format."

> +    * fix lots of wrong uses of 'error': it was often used to signal that a
> +      command should fail when we are not in IO or a monad layered over IO.
> +      In these situations we now throw a UserError or a special exception
> +      type. This results in a normal command failure with an error message.
> +      The error function is reserved to internal errors i.e. bugs in darcs.

This feels a bit code-focused. Perhaps something like this? :

"Reworked internal failure handling so we can clearly distinguish
between normal command failures and internal errors, i.e bugs, in darcs."

The rest looks good, I didn't cross-check against the full list of patches.

Thanks for writing it - please treat it and any amendments to address
the above as reviewed.

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