[darcs-devel] darcs 2.16 TODOs

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Thu Jul 30 19:49:41 UTC 2020


On 30/07/2020 15:00, Ben Franksen wrote:
> Am 30.07.20 um 15:40 schrieb Ben Franksen:
>> I think we are through with the TODO list, except reviewing the latest
>> update to the CHANGELOG.
>> Anything else you can think of?

Nope. I've done the reviewing.

>> I guess this time I will be the one to make the release. I have just
>> uploaded http://darcs.net/releases/branch-2.16.
>> Let me make sure I have got the procedure right:
>> * Check again that we can build w/o warnings for all supported ghc versions
>> * Push everything to screened, reviewed, and branch-2.16
>> on branch-2.16, loop:
>> * darcs tag 2.16.1
>> * run ./release/release.sh and check that everything is fine
>> * push remaining patches to http://darcs.net/releases/branch-2.16
>> * if not, obliterate the tag, fix, goto loop
>> * otherwise run cabal upload
>> * push the tag to screened and reviewed
> I am looking through
> http://darcs.net/Development/ReleaseManagement
> and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things to do. Change the wiki?
> I agree the top page should annouce 2.16.1 but repeat all the info in
> the CHANGELOG? Change milestones in the BTS? Never done that.

I think those instructions are getting a bit old and probably need some
pruning. I think you've got the major points and the rest can be cleaned
up afterwards.

The BTS work is mainly to help us track what we want to fix for what
release, and also what got fixed in each release. In an ideal world we'd
do that properly as we do the release, but we can live without it and we
can also fix it up afterwards if we want to.

Sending an announcement email would also be nice.

Thank you again for doing all the work for this release.



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