[darcs-devel] [issue2445] internal error if suspended patch is pulled into repository again

Ganesh Sittampalam bugs at darcs.net
Fri Jul 31 08:20:51 UTC 2020

Ganesh Sittampalam <ganesh at earth.li> added the comment:

Looking at my previous draft, it doesn't seem to push a rename between
the old and new names at suspend time. Thinking about it afresh now,
it (a) seems obvious that we must do that, and (b) I can't think of any
reason it wouldn't work.

I'll have a go at that today and also have a think about your DelName idea.

I don't think we absolutely need to avoid double suspends completely, but 
they will make a bit of a mess with fixups/conflicts. But I can imagine
cases where you've messed up the suspended patch so badly you want a
fresh copy, so I would like to avoid doing something special that could
sometimes get in the way.

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