[darcs-users] whatsnew --summary bug

Anthony Doggett vc at spect.org
Fri Nov 14 23:10:21 UTC 2003

Looking at the code, I can't see an obvious reason, but I'm 
experiencing it on multiple machines: "darcs whatsnew --summary" gives 
no output for a changed binary file.

> darcs -v
> darcs init
Successfully initialized tree!
> echo -e "Binary\0" > binaryfile
> darcs add binaryfile
> darcs record
addfile ./binaryfile
Shall I record this patch? [ynW?] y
binary ./binaryfile
Shall I record this patch? [ynW?] y
What is the patch name? Added binary file.
Do you want to add a long comment? [yn] n
There is no test.
Finished recording patch 'Added binary file.'
> echo -e "NewBinary\0" > binaryfile
> darcs diff

Binary files bug-old/binaryfile and bug-new/binaryfile differ
> darcs whatsnew
binary ./binaryfile
> darcs whatsnew --summary

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