[darcs-users] MinGW compile problem

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Sun Nov 16 10:51:18 UTC 2003

David Roundy (droundy at abridgegame.org) wrote:

I had some problems in trying to pull or get darcs repository yesterday.

After getting repo, darcs was runing few hours in tryign to apply patches.

Then I pull it again (with get) before going out of home, and
when I returned back everything was fine, but I could not do much testing.

> I've made an attempt at converting zlib_helper to use win32 threads (with
> the help of a win32 threads tutorial), so if you have a linux darcs working
> you can try pulling the changes to see if they work under windows.  Note
> that either way, you'll have to have zlib installed.  Also note that I
> don't have windows, so it's completely untested.

Today I tried to compile with MinGW and at first, there was an error with
undefined signals:


ghc  -cpp  -O -funbox-strict-fields -DHAVEWX -package wx -iwin32 -Iwin32 -package util -package text  -fglasgow-exts -c SignalHandler.lhs

SignalHandler.lhs:26: Module `Posix' does not export `sigABRT'

SignalHandler.lhs:26: Module `Posix' does not export `sigALRM'

SignalHandler.lhs:26: Module `Posix' does not export `sigTERM'
make: *** [SignalHandler.o] Error 1

Then I tried to add those signals in Posix.hs, here is the patch:

diff -rN darcs-old/win32/Posix.hs darcs-new/win32/Posix.hs
< sigINT, sigKILL, sigHUP, sigQUIT :: Signal
> sigINT, sigKILL, sigHUP, sigQUIT, sigABRT, sigALRM, sigTERM :: Signal
> sigABRT = 0
> sigALRM = 0
> sigTERM = 0

and darcs was built.

However, I have problems in running darcs.

darcs whatsnew gives error that soem files already exist, although the dir is
empty with just one test file.

Since I'm running Win98 under win4lin I can access Win98 filesystem within LinuxI initialize the tree from Linux, but whatever I try (add, whatsnew), darcs
crashes with page fault error.

Now I'm going to re-compile it without wxhaskell & with --disable-optimize to
see what's going on.

Keep tuned :-)


gour at mail.inet.hr
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