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Sean E. Russell ser at germane-software.com
Wed Nov 19 03:06:57 UTC 2003

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On Tuesday 18 November 2003 18:54, you wrote:
> In that case, can we please have an option to use HTML strike-through to
> show changes. I do not like Microsoft, but MS-Word displays differences

In what context would this be used?  Right now, XML output is only available 
for the 'changes' command, which is really just a log history -- it lists 
who, when, and why, but no details about what are provided.  There isn't 
anything to strike through.

Interesting idea, though... coming up with a patch interpreter that turns 
diffs into XML, and then reformats that.  However, I think you're just using 
the wrong tools.  If you use something like KDE's Kompare or KDiff3, they 
provide beautiful diff interfaces.  One or the other even interprets patches, 
and shows you -- given a patch -- what would be changed in a file.  
Considering that both tools allow you to merge differences interactively, 
this is much more useful than any static markup I can think of.

As an aside, please remove me from the CC when replying to the list.  I've got 
the same problem with some of my own QMail lists that darcs-users has -- I've 
yet to figure out how to tell EZMLM to strip out duplicate recipients; IE, X 
is in the mailing list, so if X is also in the CC: or the To: header, don't 
mail him twice.  Yet Another Thing On My ToDo Plate.

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