[darcs-users] DARCS changes XSLT stylesheet

BARBOUR Timothy Timothy_BARBOUR at rta.nsw.gov.au
Wed Nov 19 04:29:51 UTC 2003

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> From: Sean E. Russell [mailto:ser at germane-software.com]
> On Tuesday 18 November 2003 18:54, you wrote:
> > In that case, can we please have an option to use HTML 
> strike-through to
> > show changes. I do not like Microsoft, but MS-Word displays 
> differences
> In what context would this be used?  Right now, XML output is 
> only available 
> for the 'changes' command, which is really just a log history 
> -- it lists 
> who, when, and why, but no details about what are provided.  
> There isn't 
> anything to strike through.

Sorry, I assumed it was printing diffs.

> Interesting idea, though... coming up with a patch 
> interpreter that turns 
> diffs into XML, and then reformats that.  However, I think 
> you're just using 
> the wrong tools.

I don't think I am using the wrong tools. I use ediff or tkdiff, both of
which provide extensively coloured displays, support merging etc.. The
problem with all these tools is that, where a few characters have changed,
one has to look from one version to the other and back, trying to line up
the parts by eye. By contrast the strike-through approach presents both
versions in the same space, making it easier (with a bit of practice) to see
what has changed. I was using ediff (and emerge) long before I had to use
the MS-Word change-tracking feature (which I initially disliked), however
since my experience (4 years ago) with the latter, displays in the style of
the former have always disappointed me.

I would really like to be able to convert diff(1) output into HTML with
strike-through. I have thought of writing a tool to do this, but could not
muster the effort to parse the diff(1) output. I mistakenly thought that you
were producing diffs in XML format already.

> If you use something like KDE's Kompare or 
> KDiff3, they 
> provide beautiful diff interfaces.  One or the other even 
> interprets patches, 
> and shows you -- given a patch -- what would be changed in a file.  

Based on the screenshots at http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/doc/features.html
, KDiff3 looks much the same as the other colourful diff utilities - no
significant improvement.

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