[darcs-users] The inventories directory (was: Branching, again, in more detail)

Kevin Smith yarcs at qualitycode.com
Thu Nov 20 06:24:39 UTC 2003

Aggelos Economopoulos wrote:
> On Thursday 20 November 2003 05:15, Kevin Smith wrote:
>>Which reminds me: What is the undocumented 'inventories' directory for?
> Do a 'darcs tag' before you look in it, then it should be obvious. 

Uh. Nope. Not obvious to me, anyway. I've done about five tags in my 
project so far, and my inventories directory is still empty.

I haven't tried --partial check pointing (it's not documented much, and 
the one time I tried it it didn't seem to do much). That's what I was 
guessing it might be for.


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