[darcs-users] Re: Branching, again, in more detail

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Thu Nov 20 16:06:29 UTC 2003

Okay, I think I have figured it out. Here is the inofficial

    Branching with Darcs Guide


It works like this: We are managing a free software package
and we want to make regular releases (tags), plus, we may
want to have variants of the repository (branches). Our
repository is named "myproject".

1. Tagging a version

This is supported by darcs directly; the 'tag' command
offers anything you need.

2. Branching

You want to re-write your build system, so you copy the
full repository to, say, "myproject-build-rewrite". In that
repository, you modify only build-system-related files and
record these changes. Pulling patches from the "myproject"
repository is equivalent to saying "cvs update", in a way.
When you're satisfied with the new build system, you 'pull'
the contents of "myproject-build-rewrite" to "myproject" to
import the branch back into the main trunk.

You don't need to keep the "myproject-build-rewrite"
repository around, because all information is contained in
the main repository. If you tag liberally and use good
comments, you should easily be able to re-create about any
version you'd want to.

3. A vendor branch

You want to track changes to an external library, which is
not version-controlled by darcs. So you set-up a repository
"mylibrary-vendor" and import the source code of the library
into it. Record that, and tag it "mylibrary-major.minor".
Then you can pull those files into whatever other project,
that depends on this library. (David, you said you had
another way of importing those? Like just 'get'ting a
repository into another repository?)

So a new vendor version comes along. The best way would be
to 'rsync' the new sources into the "mylibrary-vendor" with
deletion enabled, so that files that go away are tracked. Be
careful to ignore the _darcs directory in that case, though!
After that, 'whatsnew' should work fine; you can just
'record' the new version.

So you have patches a library and want to export those
changes to "mylibrary-vendor". Then you just 'pull' the
necessary patches into "mylibrary-vendor" and record them.
If you record carefully, your changes should not have many
dependencies, merging them shouldn't be a problem at all.
You can also submit those changes (quite easily) to the
library author.

That's about it. I guess, it would be nice to have darcs
offer the 'rsyncing' part, to make sure the parameters to
rsync are right. But other than that, all facilities are


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