[darcs-users] Ambiguous occurrence `bracket' - error

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Sat Nov 22 15:50:23 UTC 2003

David Roundy (droundy at abridgegame.org) wrote:

> Ok, I've fixed this.  It seems that Daan is keen on reexporting standard
> libraries, which is causing this sort of a conflict...

OK. Thanks.

Trying to pull latest darcs from repo gives:

Shall I pull this patch? [ynW?] y
[don't need package color for manual.
droundy at abridgegame.org**20031111151421]
Shall I pull this patch? [ynW?] y
[fix chicken and egg bug in convert-repo.
droundy at abridgegame.org**20031122150212
 There was a problem where convert-repo couldn't convert a repo that was
  using the old format for inventories.
  Shall I pull this patch? [ynW?] y

  Fail: does not exist
  Action: openFileEx
  Reason: No such file or directory
  File: /home/gour/repos/darcs/_darcs/patches/20031110125819-53a90-3af8940bcc576d7cfa1101c4d82ba64fe8b347e7.gz

> I've got a possible fix in for this problem.  I added an autoconf test to
> see if renameFile is buggy, and created a workaround version.  This isn't
> as nice as John's version (which uses a windows-specific atomic rename),
> but is cleaner, since it doesn't rely on this bug only existing on windows,
> and uses a generic (albeit non-atomic) fix.  And, it means that once the
> bug in ghc on windows is fixed, darcs will be using the same codebase
> automatically.

I'd try it if I could pull darcs.


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