[darcs-users] Re: Jam-based build system

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Sun Nov 23 15:23:49 UTC 2003

Peter Simons (simons at cryp.to) wrote:

> I don't know about AAP ... Where I can I find it?


> For SCons, pmake, cook, automake, and a thousand others: I
> have tried all of them. IMHO, they are all pretty much the
> same as make, only different syntax and (sometimes)
> different problems. The only build systems that are really
> more powerful than make are Jam and Odin. The latter is
> _cool_, but I doubt many people would be willing to invest
> the time necessary to understand how to use it.

Thanks for sharing  :-)

> Jam, on the other hand, is nice and simple, but the Jambase
> system, that comes with it, is insufficient; so is the
> automatic source file scanning mechanism.

And what about boost-jam?

> My idea was to prototype a build system with Jam, and then
> to use that know-how to write a build system purely in
> Haskell, where your "makefile" is really just a data type,
> which you can run through "make world" -- as a Haskell
> function call -- to build all targets.

Sounds interesting.

> But it _is_ tricky. I'm trying to back this all up with an
> axiomatic model, which can be subjected to mathematical
> analysis, before writing any code. So the Jam build for
> darcs is really just an experiment. Still the Jam-build is
> better than the GNU-make-one, IMHO. :-)

Let me take a look at Jam...


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