[darcs-users] Moving toward 1.0

Kevin Smith yarcs at qualitycode.com
Mon Nov 24 01:37:17 UTC 2003

David Roundy wrote:
> I want to get a reasonable way of browsing the repository working.

As a somewhat-related question, I forget whether you have said whether 
new 'inventory' files will start to contain the patch hash filenames, 
instead of the verbose patch info. It seems like it would be much more 
straightforward for browsing (and other activities) if inventory pointed 
you to patches, and each patch each described itself. Just a thought.

I have been thinking a bit about a browser interface. It seems like the 
fundamental low-level API would be something like: List patches. Get 
details for a patch. Get a tree or file from the tree described by 
[this] list of patches. I would rather push more of the high-level logic 
up into the "browser", and only put logic back in darcs itself when 
absolutely necessary for speed. (Or when that functionality is also 
useful for command-line darcs users).

> I've updated the TODO a bit (it wasn't up to date), and separated it into
> pre, post and either before or after 1.0 sections.  Patches to the TODO
> (via either push or pull) are welcome along with feature requests...
> perhaps that would help keep the TODO up to date.  I'm sure I've forgotten
> something.

I have my own ideas for feature enhancements, but nothing I have run 
across yet would be a must-have for 1.0.

I'm really glad you included the MS Windows version as a 1.0 goal. 
Before I can start using darcs at work projects, and also on a free 
software project I'm leading, it has to run on Windows.


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