[darcs-users] Mirroring repos to a web host

Kevin Smith yarcs at qualitycode.com
Tue Nov 25 16:32:10 UTC 2003

David Roundy wrote:
> If you have shell access on the web-hosted site, using darcs push (possibly
> --and-apply via scp/ssh) is a nice efficent way to get update the mirror
> with reasonably little bandwidth used.  Or pull would work equally well, if
> your development machine can be accessed via ssh.  

Good point. My current cheap (< 3 USD/mo) web host has neither shell 
access, nor ssh.  In that case, I can't push or pull, but I also can't 
rsync. Bah. I would need to find or write a smart ftp-pusher that would 
avoid overwriting files that are already the same.

My new web host has shell, ssh, and rsync, but I haven't yet managed to 
get my key agent configured. It will happen eventually.

>>Unfortunately, at the moment darcs get seems to fail if there is no
>>current directory in the repo you are grabbing. It would be nice if this
>>would work.
> That's odd.  Are you running get on the server itself, or remotely? If you
> run get on a local filesystem, it does require that _darcs/current exist,

Local. It's great that it tries that optimization, but I don't think it 
should _require_ a copy of _darcs/current. Glad to hear that it already 
works for remote repos, though.


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