[darcs-users] darcs mentioned on lwn.net

Kevin Smith yarcs at qualitycode.com
Wed Nov 26 02:44:31 UTC 2003

I don't think this article requires a subscription, but forgive me if 
I'm wrong:

Bruce Perens posted a comment suggesting that if BitKeeper became 
unusable for the kernel, they might be able to switch to arch. Then 
stevenj mentioned darcs, and mjw mentioned monotone. Good to see the 
word spreading about distributed version control!

In the Linux Journal article this links to, Linus rants about how the 
CVS model would never be effective for kernel work. He seems to be 
completely unaware of arch, darcs, or monotone. Most of the rest of the 
article is more information than I needed to know about Linus's new 
super-error-checking C parsing front end.

Since I've already cluttered your inbox, I wanted to mention one other 
thing: Linus mentions that the kernel mailing list is "not a very 
friendly place". One of the reasons I am here in darcs world is because 
one of the other distributed version control system mailing lists is 
full of flames and unfriendliness. Thanks to everyone here for being 
civil, helpful, respectful, etc, and especially to David for setting the 



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