[darcs-users] Mirroring repos to a web host

Kevin Smith yarcs at qualitycode.com
Wed Nov 26 02:57:01 UTC 2003

Gour wrote:
> One question: how is one supposed to install cgi script i.e. enable public to 
> browse the directory in a web-hosted environment or this is not the intention
> or we are going in the repository-browser direction?

Many web hosts allow cgi scripts...but often only in perl or php. :-(

> Maybe it's not the case, but I assume that it's not true that everybody can run
> his/her own server and thereby provide darcs repository for the public, but
> since darcs is distributed rcs, it would be nice to have such 'feature'.

The good news is that you can publish your repository with just ftp. 
People won't be able to "browse" your repository online without the cgi 
script, but they can 'get' or 'pull' from it into darcs. To me, this it 
is very powerful that anyone with a public http directory can host a 
repository. You can't do that with CVS, Subversion, or monotone.

Or they might be able to browse it directly with a standalone browsing tool.

Or you could even make a browser cgi that would allow browsing on a 
_different_ server than the one it was running on. Interesting possibility.


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