[darcs-users] Mirroring repos to a web host

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Wed Nov 26 08:09:27 UTC 2003

Kevin Smith (yarcs at qualitycode.com) wrote:

> Many web hosts allow cgi scripts...but often only in perl or php. :-(

Yes, it's true and I'll try with darcs_cgi.

> The good news is that you can publish your repository with just ftp. 
> People won't be able to "browse" your repository online without the cgi 
> script, but they can 'get' or 'pull' from it into darcs. To me, this it 
> is very powerful that anyone with a public http directory can host a 
> repository. You can't do that with CVS, Subversion, or monotone.

I agree. Yesterday I pushed latest darcs on the web site and was able to pull
it back. Powerful!

> Or they might be able to browse it directly with a standalone browsing tool.

.. when it becomes available :-)


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