[darcs-users] darcs mentioned on lwn.net

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Wed Nov 26 08:17:22 UTC 2003

Kevin Smith (yarcs at qualitycode.com) wrote:

> Since I've already cluttered your inbox, I wanted to mention one other 
> thing: Linus mentions that the kernel mailing list is "not a very 
> friendly place". One of the reasons I am here in darcs world is because 
> one of the other distributed version control system mailing lists is 
> full of flames and unfriendliness. Thanks to everyone here for being 
> civil, helpful, respectful, etc, and especially to David for setting the 
> tone.

I'm sure darcs is still a hidden jewel ...to be discovered.

Otoh, it's also obvious that traffic on the list is increasing..


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