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Thu Nov 27 01:21:48 UTC 2003

Chief Paul musa
Federal Ministry Of Works & Housing
Federal seretariat,
Dear Sir,


First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction, this is by virtue of it's nature as being utterly confidential andtop secret as you were introduced to me in confidence through the  effortof an associate of mine who is in the foreign trade division of mycountry's consulate in the Unitedkingdoom.What I am about to devulge to you in this letter is top secret and if it offends or does not meet with your business ethics, I crave your indulgence.

I am the chairman of the Contract Review Panel (CRP) set up by the
present civilian Government of Nigeria to review contracts awarded by the past military administration. In the course of our work at the CRP, we discovered this fund which resulted from gross over invoicing
and re-valuation of contracts by top government officials of the last
administration. The companies that executed the contracts have been duly paid and the contracts commissioned leaving the sum of US$22.5 Million floating in the escrow account of the Central Bank of Nigeria ready for payment. I have therefore been mandated as a matter of trust by my colleagues in the committee to look for an overseas partner to whom we could transfer the sum of US$22.5M legally su-bcontracting the entitlement to you/your company. This is bearing in mind that our civil service code of conduct forbids us from owning foreign company or running foreign account while in government service hence the need for an oversea partner.

We have agreed that the funds will be shared thus after it has been  paid into your account: (1) 30% of the money will go to you for acting as  the beneficiary of the fund. (2) 10% has been set aside as an abstract projection for reimbursment to both parties for incidental expences that may be incurred in the course of the transaction. (3) 60% to us the government officials (with which we wish to commence an importation business in conjunction with you in your country).

All logistics are in place and all modalities worked out for the
smooth conclusion of the transaction within ten to fourteen days of
commencement after receipt of the following information: Your full
name/company name, address, company's details & ctivities,telephone & fax numbers.These information will enable us make the applications and lodge claims to the concerned ministries & agencies in favour of you/your company and it is pertinent to state here that this transaction is entirely based on trust as the solar bank draft or certified cheque drawable in any of the Central Bank of Nigeria correspondent bankers in America, Asia and Europe is going to be made in your name. Also the confidentiality of of this transaction cannot be over-emphasized as it is only known between you and us.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this Email and indicate your interest as we have limited time for this transaction.
I await your prompt and positive response to this business proposal.

Yours Faithfully,

Chief Paul musa

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