[darcs-users] problem with files without trailing newlines

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Thu Nov 27 18:34:32 UTC 2003

Kevin Smith (yarcs at qualitycode.com) wrote:

> Dang. Since I only started using darcs after it started writing out new 
> patch filenames, I hoped I would avoid any conversions. Oh well.

Wait, wait ... until darcs more becomes mature :-)

> Or perhaps the repo conversion could be considered optional, where if 
> the user can live without those trailing newlines, and they already have 
> the new patch names, they don't really *have* to convert?
> Or maybe I just need to get over my fear of conversions :-)

Well, in my case I'm still experimenting with darcs, so I don't have problems
converting repos (at the moment).

> This is a good change. And I agree that now is the time to make it.



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