[darcs-users] checking Text.Regex... buggy! ??

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Fri Nov 28 17:27:44 UTC 2003

On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 03:28:16PM +0100, Jan Scheffczyk wrote:
> Hi David,
> > Versions of Text.Regex in ghc prior to 6.2 have a bug that causes them to
> > segfault.  The configure script runs a test program and if it crashes it
> > uses the module RegexString instead.
> do you know what kind of expressions cause this seg fault?

It isn't triggered by any particular regular expression, it's related to
memory management, which is why the performGC is in there, to trigger
garbage collections which will trigger the bug.
David Roundy

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