[darcs-users] internal error

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Fri Nov 28 19:01:22 UTC 2003

David Roundy (droundy at abridgegame.org) wrote:

> Hmmmm.  Is this a large system?
> There are a few possibilities.  One is that your repo really requires more
> than 670M memory.  This seems unlikely, but you can test this by trying
> darcs whatsnew +RTS -M1000000001
> which will set your max heap size to be very large.
> You could try again with them uncompressed--a darcs pull --no-compress into
> an empty repo should convert your repo.  Or if you only have a few patches
> (since it sounds like a new repo) you could run gunzip and then manually
> add the .gz extension back onto the files.

Thanks for ideas. I'll explore them and report back. 

> Does darcs whatsnew on the repo work fine under linux? And how much memory
> does it seem to use (if you can see it on top, perhaps)?

It ate all my memory so I had to kill him :-(

> Those are all the ideas I have at the moment for troubleshooting this
> problem.  If it shows up in linux as well, that would be good news, since
> it would make it much easier to track down...

I'm going to try again (luckily I can work at the same time with Linux & Win
repos)and will report back.


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