[darcs-users] bug - darcs 0.9.14 recording its inventory ??

Tim Barbour trb at eastpac.com.au
Sat Nov 29 06:17:35 UTC 2003

Is darcs supposed to attempt to record changes to its inventory file ??

I performed the following actions:

(1) create an empty project in a remote repo
(2) get the empty project over http
(3) add some files to the remote project, and record
(4) pull from the remote repo
(5) create a new file locally, but forget to add it
(6) record

and got this output:

trb at elysium:/home/not-human/code/darcs/hack> darcs record
hunk ./_darcs/inventory 1       
+trb at categorical.net**20031129052047] 
Shall I record this patch? [ynW?] n
Ok, if you don't want to record anything, that's fine!
trb at elysium:/home/not-human/code/darcs/hack> darcs --version

The inventory file changed because of the pull, but surely darcs should not
offer to record the change, since it is not a project file.


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