[darcs-users] bug in darcs 0.9.14

Tim Barbour trb at eastpac.com.au
Sat Nov 29 07:06:24 UTC 2003

Following my earlier message, I now have a better description of the problem,
which is indeed a bug. I can reproduce it by initialising a darcs repo (empty),
making it visible via http, then using 'darcs get' to fetch it to another
host. 'darcs check' reports that the fetched repo is not consistent, probably
because it contains _darcs/current/_darcs (hence why darcs wanted to record
changes to _darcs/inventory). Removing _darcs/current/_darcs causes the repo to
become consistent (according to 'darcs check').

_darcs/current/_darcs was not in the original repo, and I have no idea how it
gets created.


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