[darcs-users] Looks nice. Noob questions.

Art Griesser a_griesser at acm.org
Sun Jan 18 01:29:12 UTC 2004

Cobbling together bits from different replies...

> you could also leave out _darcs/current, which would save 
> considerably more space, at the cost of losing some redundancy.

Good. Exactly what I wanted to know.

> Well, I very rarely want to use whatsnew --summary... 

Hmm. If you don't mind my curiosity, what do your usage patterns look
like?  I naively expected everybody did this:

0. The repository is in synch with the working directory.
1. I make changes to the working directory.
2. I find the differences between the repo and work dir (whatsnew
3. I schedule changes to the repo (requiring explit scheduling avoids
commiting changes accidentally made to the work dir)
4. I commit the scheduled changes
5. Make any necessary changes to work dir (if necessary recreate it) so
that I am now back in state 0.

I would then apply the same set of operations at a higher level, between
my local repo and the master repo.

A presumption here is that the repo is the the most important, the work
dir is secondary, and I want to be very careful about changes made to the

> the real solution is to support proper inversion of options, so 
> everyone can set their own default as they like (and then 
> invert it to get the opposite). 

Good idea.

> You can also schedule the removal of files using "darcs remove", which
> restores the symmetry.  Or you can use the "--look-for-adds" flag to
> automatically look for additions, which restores the symmetry.

Unless "darcs record --help" is mistaken, there is no flag to avoid
automatic removals. This seems to make the situation asymetric, despite
the "--look-for-adds" flag (which I admit overlooked).

Would it help the development and spread of Darcs to have a Wiki? If so,
I would be willing to host one. Gratis, of course.


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