[darcs-users] Two error messages to correct

Olivier Leclant olivier.leclant at netcreek.com
Wed Jan 28 10:41:41 UTC 2004

Hello, I'm new to darcs and still trying to understand how to use it 
(unpull, revert, rollback, unrecord, this seems a bit complicated), and I 
have found some strange output.

First, the "We the following new (to them) patches:\n" messages, which 
probably lacks a verb.

Second, "darcs push" may fail like this:
Fail: does not exist
Action: openFileEx
Reason: No such file or directory
File: ../_darcs/prefs/email
I think a friendlier error message should be printed, since this error can 
arise from the normal use of the program (see the attached script).

Olivier Leclant
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