[darcs-users] Two error messages to correct

David Roundy droundy at jdj5.mit.edu
Thu Jan 29 12:41:43 UTC 2004

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 11:41:41AM +0100, Olivier Leclant wrote:
> Hello, I'm new to darcs and still trying to understand how to use it 
> (unpull, revert, rollback, unrecord, this seems a bit complicated), and I 
> have found some strange output.

Hmmm... yes, undo commands do seem to have proliferated! I'll if I can
clarify the docs on them.

> First, the "We the following new (to them) patches:\n" messages, which 
> probably lacks a verb.

Already fixed in the latest version (unreleased), but thanks for the
report! (When I start getting things I've already fixed as bug reports, I
start thinking I'm overdue for a new release...)

> Second, "darcs push" may fail like this:
> Fail: does not exist
> Action: openFileEx
> Reason: No such file or directory
> File: ../_darcs/prefs/email
> I think a friendlier error message should be printed, since this error can 
> arise from the normal use of the program (see the attached script).

This is fixed.  Thanks for the report! I hadn't noticed it because the
repos that I push to usually have prefs/email defined, so I haven't seen
the error (at least not in a long time).

It actually isn't an error, but a bug.  i.e. the error message isn't fixed,
instead I made it do what it should have done, which is prompt you for the
target email address.  It'll be a few hours before the fix makes it into
the darcs repo (not that I imagine you'll be avidly pulling this morning
and frustrated not to see it...).
David Roundy

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