[darcs-users] Current Pull Attempting to Overallocate

David Roundy droundy at jdj5.mit.edu
Thu Jan 29 12:56:20 UTC 2004

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 02:02:36PM -0500, Sean E. Russell wrote:
> David Roundy <droundy at jdj5.mit.edu> writes:
> > This is a very ugly trick, which I'll probably have to give up on.  The
> > problem it tried to fix was that the ghc garbage collector never
> > decreases the size of its heap, which means that if darcs ever grows its
> ...
> Say, David -- have you tried running these large patch tests with darcs 
> compiled with nhc98?  Is it possible to compile darcs with nhc98?  In my 
> experience, nhc98 binaries are about 1/3 the size of ghc binaries, but are 
> about 10 times slower.  However, since nhc98 seems to focus on space 
> constraints -- rather than speed constraints -- perhaps the heap management 
> is better.

I haven't tried compiling with nhc98, but my impression (when I looked at
it) was that it doesn't have the library support I need.  On the other
hand, now that I have the autoconf test framework for dealing with
libraries, perhaps a port wouldn't be so bad.
David Roundy
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