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David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Sat Jan 31 15:01:57 UTC 2004

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 02:22:52PM +0100, Matias Hermanrud Fjeld wrote:
> After rewriting autoproject in python, fooling around with automake and
> autoconf, looking at the darcs package and reading lots'o'manuals, I'm
> now finally beginning to understand... Darc patch names are *not* the
> same as RCS's revision control numbers. I was thinking about
> automatically replacing the patch name (as if it was a version
> number). That was wrong.  I now have set up autoconf to do that for
> me. :-) I *finally* have gained understanding of how GNU packages are
> built up, and what to do with all those strange, intimidating files. Yay!

Yay!  :)

> The only thing I am wondering about now is how the ChangeLog in the darcs
> repo is managed. Is it autogenerated?

I don't autogenerate the ChangeLog, because I don't really want to have a
listing for every change I make.  It wouldn't be helpful to have it list

  * make foo feature more user-friendly
  * fix bug introduced with foo feature
  * add foo feature

since really the ChangeLog should only list changes since the last
release.  So what I do is I run darcs changes to see what changes I've
made, and then copy what seem like relevant changes to ChangeLog.  It's not
the ideal system, but I'm not sure what would be.  Perhaps when I record
changes I should include a flag (in the name itself) indicating that it's a
significant change that should go in the changelog.
David Roundy
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