[darcs-users] cgi script thoughts

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Jul 3 18:14:34 UTC 2004

Hello Will Glozer, all.. here are some notes from setting up the new CGI 
script on my server.

I moved cgi.conf into cgi/ and expanded cgi/README a little - patches 
sent to David's repo.

configure.ac (I think) sets sysconfdir to /usr/etc/darcs on my system 
when it should be /etc/darcs. Not sure why that is.

The docs describe this as "darcsrv" and the script is named "darcs.cgi". 
  Is this optimal ? Should the filename be darcsrv ?

The darcsrv link at the bottom of the UI - hmm, it was linking to the 
darcsrv home page, which was inaccessible. Now it's linking to the darcs 
home page on abridgegame for some reason.

I have two reservations about running this publicly:

1. Like the old cgi script, email addresses are served in the clear, 
exposing contributors to spammers. This is a problem. I guess we need to 
at least do a mailman-style "x at y.com" conversion ? Any ideas where in 
the script to do this, or should it be done in darcs itself ?

2. Robot safety. The annotate links seem relatively expensive, taking 
several seconds. Also these pages form a large network of unique urls.. 
how many I'm not sure. This seems to add up to yet another way for 
robots (or a deliberate DDOS attack) to stress my web server. Any 
thoughts on this ?

It's a nice enhancement, thanks!

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