[darcs-users] cgi script thoughts

Peter "Firefly" Lund firefly at diku.dk
Sun Jul 4 17:10:59 UTC 2004

On Sun, 4 Jul 2004, Simon Michael wrote:

> On the other hand, if darcs repos proliferate, they could become a
> target for smarter harvesting. With this in mind, perhaps the answer is
> to show only the real name part of the submitter's address. I have
> already switched to this scheme for release notes.

How about something like this:

firefly at diku.dk             -> firefly at dik...
simon at joyful.com            -> simon at joyfu...
darcs-users at abridgegame.org -> darcs-users at abridgegam...

The idea is to keep the email addresses recognizable but at the same time
render them incomplete so the harvesters can't use them.

The real-names can be kept as they are.  The domain name of the email
address is first split at the dots, everything but the first part is
thrown away and the first part gets its last character or two chopped off.

> >This is an important security consideration, everything but the file
> >listings causes invocations of darcs which can be very expensive in
> >terms of processor and memory use.  I would suggest using rlimit or
> >whatever your OS's equivalent is to limit the resource consumption.

Another option could perhaps be to speed up darcs annotate by keeping an
index file of sorts that lists which patches change which files - special
care has to be taken for moves, of course.  I hope something like this can
be done (post 1.0) so darcs won't have to read each and every patch in
order to annotate a file.


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