[darcs-users] cgi script thoughts

Peter "Firefly" Lund firefly at diku.dk
Sun Jul 4 17:28:10 UTC 2004

On Sun, 4 Jul 2004, Ian Lynagh wrote:

> If I am looking at a patch I might want to e-mail the person who
> wrote it (and not have heard of them before, hence not have their e-mail
> address). My preference is for "firefly at diku.dk" or similar.

That's as unobfuscated as to be useless.  At that rate we might as well
not do any obfuscation at all and keep things easier for the humans :)

(They'll find it easier to read, easier to search for manually and
otherwise, easier to cut'n'paste into an email program, and perhaps the
web browser will even make such text clickable automatically.  Spammers,
however, have the luxury to spend fifteen minutes tuning their regexps to
catch "firefly at diku.dk", "firefly () diku dk", "firefly at diku dk"


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