[darcs-users] Shared files

Lele Gaifax lele at nautilus.homeip.net
Thu Jul 8 12:20:23 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Ketil" == Ketil Malde <ketil at ii.uib.no> writes:

    Ketil> Hi,

    Ketil> I find that I have files that are shared by projects.
    Ketil> E.g. I have multiple LaTeX documents that share a BibTeX
    Ketil> file - more or less.  The question is: what is the
    Ketil> recommended way to organize this?

I'm currently facing the same kind of problem, tracking and grouping
other's people software. With my current approach, I'd keep your
shared documents in a repository of their own, and simply pull from
there into each project that needs them. This works assuming the
documents actually live in a subdirectory, say '/doc/latex/common'. 

    Ketil> I would like to be able to share the .bib file, so that
    Ketil> when I start a new project, I can reuse old stuff.  I tried
    Ketil> having it as a separate project, and just symlinking to it,
    Ketil> but the disadvantage is that changes to it doesn't get
    Ketil> recorded along with corresponding changes to the .tex file.

Why did you use symlinks?

    Ketil> I'm thinking of having the .bib project be the parent of
    Ketil> the .tex projects, but can I, in an easy way, avoid
    Ketil> inadvertently pushing .tex changes to the .bib project?
    Ketil> What if I need another such auxilliary file?

If you want to share it with other projects, just add, record and push
that single patch. If that's not the goal, and it's still appropriate
for that file to stay there :), then you won't be using darcs
push/pull -a on that repository.

    Ketil> Similarly, I have my own library of routines that I
    Ketil> frequently use, and since it's a single file, I just keep
    Ketil> copying it around.  Similarly, I would like to propagate
    Ketil> (most) changes around to otherwise unrelated projects -
    Ketil> how?

Just do not assume two distincts repositories to contain exactly the
same material, and you are at it :)

I may be proved wrong, of course, since these are my first exps with
darcs :)

ciao, lele.
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